Wednesday, June 21, 2017

14-Year Old Dies in Abandoned Port Chester Hospital

Tuesday evening found a group of kids illegally “playing” in the old abandoned United Hospital buildings in Port Chester. Early reports had indicated that a 14-year old boy had fallen through the roof.

ABG learned from on-scene responders that the a group of boys similar in age had removed a piece of plywood that exposed an elevator shaft. The youths were attempting to either climb or traverse the shaft when one of the group, a 14-year old, fell four stories, landing on the elevator’s mechanics and motor. When the police and fire department arrived, they attempted to do a rescue.

Without the proper tools and equipment, they requested mutual aid from the County’s Technical Rescue Team. One Port Chester fire department member said he couldn’t believe how quickly they arrived on scene. Sadly, it would be in vain as the rescue changed into a recovery once contact was made with the boy. Names were withheld at that time.

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