Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2011 Budget Hearing: Update in Dysfunction

The annual preview of incompetence was in full swing Monday night (11/22/10) as Supervisor Feiner droned through four and a half pages of the 2011 Budget Message, which can be easily read by anyone looking to stay awake and much more quickly than he could do.

Here at ABetterGreenburgh.blogspot.com, we have yet to receive and review the Town's budget, but look forward to a few givens. Typically, we have found previous budgets to be lacking in specificity, clarity and detail. This evenings travesty continued with Town Attorney Tim Lewis doing most of the talking from the  dais. There were several interesting comments from the public. It is inherit upon all residents to participate and while we welcome the return of Tom Bock, a rational counter-voice,republican speaker and advocate, we missed Rob Bernstein and of course, our recently deceased friend and colleague, Lorrin Brown.

Stalwart Hal Sammis got up and accurately spoke on several topics topics in the budget, dressing down, or undressing Feiner and the Board. And "poor" Sonya Brown, who sat there appearing lost during most of the session. She's been ostracized every since her tirade against Feiner at March 5th, 2010 meeting. Click this link to watch it: http://www.greenburghny.com/Cit-e-Access/webpage.cfm?TID=10&TPID=4146
BTW, It's after about the two hour mark.

Newly returned Tom Bock spoke directly to Feiner about his calling Bock a racist during a meeting of the Greenburgh Democratic party meeting held at Town Hall. He also commented that he was saddened by the passing of Lorrin Brown but heartened because Lorrin had the backbone to get up at that same meeting and berate Feiner for calling Bock was a racist. He said he knew Bock and he was anything but a racist! Bock also commented that he wasn't surprised but extremely disappointed at the actions of the previous Board and parts of the current Board regarding the guilty verdict against them, and ultimately the Town in the Fortress Bible Church decision.

Beyond discussing the budget, the longest diatribe seemed to be the discussion of the creation of an updated animal licensing law. Evidently, as Hal Sammis rightly pointed out, Attorney Lewis, Councilman Sheehan and even Clerk Belville worked on this for six months and it was, to quote, "still a crappy law." At which point Town resident Ella Preiser stepped in and helped them rewrite the bill to a more acceptable piece of legislation. We seem to be paying for incompetence.

As the evening wound down, Feiner noted that the hearing had been a pleasant, civil one which hasn't happened for a while. Perhaps if he and the Board didn't violate the law, write sloppy bills they vote into law and disregard the residents for builders and contractors, maybe they could all be more civil.

Farewell To Our Friend, Lorrin Brown

We mourn the sudden death of Lorrin Brown, devoted son of Helene Brown and Steve Brown, brother to Robin, brother-in-law to Ronald, uncle to Rashad. He was an active community member, and great real estate agent. Memorial service: Wednesday. November 17, 1:30 PM, Union Baptist Church, 31 Manhattan Ave. Greenburgh Democratic Com.

Lorrin was an active participant at the Greenburgh Town Board meetings as well as other meetings. It was no secret how he felt about the dysfunctional Town Board and in particular the supervisor. From the perspective of a concerned citizen, he was holding the flag and often leading the charge. There are so many things wrong with the (lack of) management in the Town that the recent findings about the courts is just another example of why Lorrin was so outspoken.

Lorrin was a class act, a true gentleman and a friend to many. It's sad that the Town has lost an advocate and sad that we have a lost a friend. Goodbye friend, rest in eternal peace.