Sunday, June 17, 2018

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Suspicious Incident in Irvington

An important message from the Superintendent of Schools, 
Dr. Kristopher Harrison
May 22, 2018
Good evening,

Please see the important public safety alert that was just released by the
Tarrytown Police Department.

"This agency is investigating a suspicious incident which took place on
Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at approximately 0810 hours, near the intersection
of Meadow Street and Millbrook Ave.  A 10 year old child who attends the
Main Street School, Irvington School District was standing near this
location waiting for the school bus when a late model Honda Civic
Four Door Sedan, bearing an unknown New York yellow color
"Empire" style plate, traveling North on Meadow Street pulled up
and stopped near the child.  Child reports a male white possibly
in his twenties or thirties with dark hair and short goatee spoke
to the child through an open passenger side window. The male
asked, "Do you need a ride to school?" When the child said "No"
the male pulled away travelling North on Meadow Street towards
Route 119."

Below is a picture of the actual vehicle involved:


Any individual who can assist in identifying the above pictured
vehicle, or who has had similar activity is asked to contact the
Tarrytown Police Detective Division at (914) 631-1514.

Please be assured that the Irvington School District is in
consistent communication with our law enforcement partners
to ensure the safety of our students. 

Very truly yours,

Dr. Kristopher Harrison
Superintendent of Schools

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Great News & More Lies

A recent press conference held by County Executive Latimer, touted, finally, the upcoming plans for the former abandoned Westhelp facility on the Westchester Community College campus. It was abandoned because Mr Feiner decided to play games with the facility while it was under the Town’s control. Sadly, due to his politicization of the site and his desire to generate publicity, the “problem causer’s” plan backfired for the Town.

The facility originally generated $1.2 million a year for the Town, guaranteed. Now, forever lost, these were monies that could be applied toward paying off penalties and fines brought upon the Town with the Fortress Bible guilty verdict by Mr Feiner and Diana Juettner directly, and his Board indirectly through their condoning of previous behavior, to mention just one example. During the Feiner-induced Westhelp debacle, Mr Feiner decided on his own to not sign the Westhelp renewal contract with the County during the waning days of the then-County Executive Spano administration. In fact, they reached out to Mr Feiner numerous times only to be rebuffed by him. Mr Feiner then lied to the public when asked about it, saying the County never reached out him and that was why the contract was not renewed. Copies of communications from the County Executive later validated the County’s claim that Mr Feiner was again lying.

Now Mr Feiner has again used his infamous GB-email list to share more “great news” - even if it’s only partially true. In his announcement, he thanks his Board "who worked very hard" to make this happen. They did nothing! They condoned everything that Mr Feiner tried to do with the site. Instead, they should have forced him to adhere to the original contract, intent and agreements that were in place when it was created. After which the facility would be turned over to the Town entirely to be used for senior rental housing - period! 

Ever the shrewd publicity hound, Mr Feiner publicly suggested that it was the County causing the problem with utilizing the facility and not him. County Legislators Williams and Shimsky, not at all Feiner fans, vociferously countered as did then-County Executive Rob Astorino. Also following this sham, his lies and missteps was Journal News writer David McKay Wilson, who painstakingly detailed Mr Feiner's bad and possibly illegal activities. In fact, it was repeatedly pointed out that Mr Feiner and the Town were in breach of the inter-municipal agreement in place for the facility. As we’ve stated numerous times before, when Mr Feiner doesn’t like a particular law, agreement or decision, he simply ignores it, leaving the taxpayers to pick up the fines and penalties generated by his bad behavior!

The original conversion of the apartments was to be into 54 units. Regardless of the rationale, the number was then inflated to 74 by those involved as the numbers were increased to make a more profitable result for the management company, claiming 74 units would make the project more financially viable for them. Critics complained that the change would make for smaller, more cramped apartments for the future residents, which was not the right direction to proceed.

Now that County Executive Latimer has been dragged into the Feiner quagmire, he’s agreed to the 74 units at the facility in a lease created last October. Part of the discussion was about whether or not the new facility would generate more students for the Valhalla school district. Isn’t it a bit ironic that so often we hear about declining enrollments and yet “leaders” continue to try to keep new students from coming into our schools? Presently, in fact, Dr Tahira DuPree Chase, the Greenburgh School District Superintendent, is fighting the Greenburgh Central School district’s current reputation by visiting civic associations and neighborhood groups to try to dispel what she considers to be a false narrative from realtors and others about the Greenburgh schools. 

The plans call for the developer, Marathon Development Group, to pay $1.5M - $900K to the County and $600K to the Town, on behalf of the County, in exchange for the Town relinquishing all rights to the site. The new development will serve a wide mix of income levels, including 40% to 60% of Area Median Income as well as 80% to 90% of Area Median Income. Market analysts note the mix of units will broaden the property’s appeal to the senior community. 

The Town has suffered long enough and lost millions of dollars due to Mr Feiner's arrogance, failed management and his rubber-stamp Board. As is so often said, the Supervisor, who is missing the “shame gene”, says this is good for the Town and the County. Is it? Cramped living quarters are certainly better than no living quarters. And, receiving $600k for the Town doesn’t negate the loss the taxpayers have incurred on top of the millions of dollars that must now be spent unnecessarily to remediate the mold and destruction that has taken place in the interim. This kind of arrogance and incompetence needs to end. Only then will we get A Better Greenburgh.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Beware Of ConEd Scammers

A reader posted this on a neighborhood website and we thought it was important enough to post here to alert our readers to exert caution when receiving what appears to be a phone call from ConEd. Please let your family, friends and neighbors know about this. If this happens to you, please call the police department and report it.

Con Edison phone scam

Con Ed scammers are still active. I had a call today - with caller ID that indicated Con Edison and their correct 800 number - from a "dispatcher" informing me they'd be turning off my electricity today due to unpaid bills. They had my address but not my account number. Of course I knew I have no unpaid bills, as I auto-pay, and I asked for the supervisor, to see what I might pull out of them, and instead he gave me a different 844 number to call - the "Con Ed billing department" - which of course it is not. I wanted to bring it to neighbors' attention, particularly because the caller ID looks legit. I didn't let the guy get as far as telling me to run down to CVS and get a debit card - but I'm sure that's where they were going. I reported this to Con Ed and government officials - I would speak to the police as well, especially f I had actually been scammed rather than the threat. Be careful - this is more insidious than the usual obvious scams.