Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Greenburgh: WestHelp, WestHab, West-Broke

   Based on an article in The Journal News, by reporter Stacy Anderson, the Valhalla school district is suing the town in an effort to continue receiving $650,000 a year from Greenburgh under the WestHELP Partnership Grant. All the agreements in the world will not help squeeze blood from a stone. Stacy, a nice person and an able writer, fails to verify through historic actions and investigation, anything the supervisor feeds her (hence the moniker stenographer).
   She writes, "Although Greenburgh's counterclaim seeks to recoup the $1.8 million it had already given the school district, the three say that town attorneys cannot adequately represent taxpayers because town Supervisor Paul Feiner favors the agreement." Did she ask Town Attorney Lewis what he could do as opposed to just taking his word for it? Did she contact Herb Rosenberg or Bob Bernstein and ask what the alternatives might be for the town and it's attorneys? Evidently not.
   Paul Feiner has typically kept the taxpayers in the dark. He continually paints the stalwarts who show up at Board meeting as "anti-everything" he and his merry Stepford board proposes. Not true. His and their sloppiness, incompetence and ineptness are proof of their failures. What does that say of our school system?
   He references one magazine article from Money magazine about Greenburgh being the 80th Best Place to Live. That they strictly reviewed the Town through numbers and what his highness told them doesn't paint a clear picture. BTW Paul, anything but first place is a loser. And, 80 is too far down the list to be all that impressive. Based on this scenerio, Bush could have looked like a great president if he worked like the supervisor does. 
   WestHab is another mess that the supervisor insists on illegally moving forward for the benefit of a developer, not the town. He and his merry goof-ball board members rubber stamp the project along and the community, ultimately the town, suffers. This project is so bad that Sanborn, the VP of Land deals, was fired last week because he couldn't get the project to move forward, even with Feiner's illicit and illegal actions. Feiner's gotta go before the town is driven into bankruptcy. So does the Board.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crime in Greenburgh

Latest Crime in Greenburgh: The Massaro Park Sexual Attack

   As the Journal News reported in their Tuesday edition, a 15-year-old girl was sexually assaulted on Saturday of this past weekend by a group of five to seven men near Massaro Park. The girl is a Greenburgh resident and she was simply walking home. For those of you that do not know where Massaro Park is located in Greenburgh, it is along Payne Street (cross street Saw Mill River Road), in the northern unincorporated area of Greenburgh and considered Elmsford (mailing address). According to The Journal News, "She said she was surrounded by a group of five to seven men who grabbed her and restrained her while at least one of them had sexual contact with her. The girl was then released and left. She was not physically injured."

Greenburgh has seen numerous spikes in crime lately but the most heinous are those against children. This area of greenburgh has traditionally been one of problems between robberies, assaults and vandalism.

Everyone watched in amazement as the Central Avenue 7-Eleven was robbed, then robbed again and finally a third time. Not that we should expect anything different, the police department's response was simply that they were investigating. That's okay. But then Paul Feiner, Supervisor, started pontificating, basically saying nothing but trying to assure the residents that they are safe. Given the robberies in Edgemont, the 7-Eleven store and now this attack of a child, are we really safe?
If you witnessed this or have information about the attack call the Greenburgh police at 914-682-5331. All calls will remain confidential.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Greenburgh, Supporting the Low Income Resident with a 65.5% Tax Increase

   We will experience a tax increase that will be seven times more than last year's double-digit increases because, according to Supervisor Feiner, the town couldn’t sell the property he was banking on selling and budgeted as revenue in this year's spending plan.
   The Town Board has approved a $15 million budget, including both unincorporated Greenburgh and its six villages that calls for a 65.5% increase for village homeowners.
   Under this year’s adopted budget, the average village homeowner with a $15,000 assessment will pay an additional $45.41, bringing the average tax bill to $114.75. The village residents of Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Elmsford, Hastings-on-Hudson, Irvington and Tarrytown receive their services from their respective village government.
   The Town Board also approved a $64.2 million town budget, serving unincorporated Greenburgh, that increased the property-tax rate about 6.9 percent. Under the budget, the average homeowner in unincorporated Greenburgh with a $15,000 assessment will pay an additional $161.28, making the average tax bill for town services $2,516.40.
   At no time did the supervisor or his merry Board of fools decide to make real cuts. Why not? Probably because PF wouldn't accomplish the necessary pandering to maintain his lifestyle if he did. And the Board is too afraid to think and act independently and/or go against him. So the taxpayers suffer, the seniors move out and our kids shake their heads in disbelief as they migrate out as well.