Monday, December 14, 2009

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to Invest Nearly $40 Million to Create 300 New Jobs

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., located in the Eastview section of Tarrytown in Greenburgh, near the Tarrytown lakes and the Saw Mill River Parkway, has announced plans to Invest nearly $40 million to create 300 new jobs. What was promised to get this to happen? Did the supervisor and his merry board of sycophants go ahead and just give Regeneron the certiorari refunds up front and for the next millennium? We'll probably never really find out. The supervisor's open government is only open when there is a press 
release to be published or it is convenient for him. It needs to change.

Flu Shots Anyone?

There is no problem with people getting flu shots. There is no problem with a facility providing space to do it. But we take issue with the supervisor claiming there is no cost. and then, later admitting it's $20 if you don't have Medicare. Does his twisting of the truth never end?

Sucking the Life out of Route 119

The County proposed 1,056 apartments on Rt. 119. The supervisor changes the zoning to be multi-use from commercial. Coincidence or not? A "proposed" but not ironclad agreement to build a super Stop & Shop, then a super Stop & Shop with a health club, then a super Stop & Shop, health club and retail stores. It keeps growing at each meeting. And why is that? The Delbello law firm petitioned to have the zoning changed for their client. The same thing was done for Westhab at 22 Tarrytown Road. Hey, wait a minute... Once the zoning is changed, and there is a supermarket and several other vacant stores, everyone in government will be able to justify the housing as green because there is food and a restaurant and other stores to justify people moving in and not needing to drive to stores. Sound lame? C'mon, they're from the government and can be trusted...

22 Tarrytown Road - Westhab

Is this spot zoning? Is the supervisor is in bed with Westhab and the Delbello law firm? Why change zoning when a Comprehensive Plan is just about complete? Why allow a developer to build beyond the sizing of other homes in the neighborhood? Why not go with a classic residential design that blends and looks like a home instead of like an ill-conceived hostel converted from an office complex? Why grant tax incentives to a developer who received the land for free, will build with taxpayer grants and then collect rent, running their business with some fat salaries?

Waterwheel Property Debacle

Several years ago, the Village of Ardsley was approached by the Ardsley FD to purchase the Waterwheel property, long after the fire that destroyed the property in December 1992, to create affordable housing for any of it's volunteers and municipal employees. The Village said no. It's ironic since now the supervisor is willing to give the property away to any developer willing to build affordable housing, just not to house volunteers and municipal employees.

Early Retirement

The supervisor's newest knee-jerk reaction to lowering the budget is to eliminate employees, not programs and waste. How about for every percent the budget goes up in the B-Budget (first) and then the A-Budget (second), the supervisor AND the board take that same percentage in a salary cut? The more they raise taxes, the less they make - just like the taxpayers!

Hotel Tax (or not)

The supervisor has requested to NYS that Greenburgh be allowed to excise an occupancy tax and this will help the taxpayers pay down the debt, to the tune of six figures. Will this tax hurt the businesses and/or really help the town? Or, is this just another Feiner Folly?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pay Down the Debt - Ethics Anyone?

The current Town Board has sanctioned, along with the supervisor and town attorney, the keeping of tax overpayments by our residents and businesses. The Edgemont Community Council (.org) has posted the PDF of who is owed monies by the town. The Town  has not. Some people have notified the residents and businesses they know if they are owed money. The Town has not. Government should not take what is not theirs and should return it if it was acquired mistakenly. The Town has not. The Town is led by the Supervisor and the Town Board. Why are they trying to keep the money instead of notifying the people who are entitled to it? Why not just return the money without playing games?