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Worthington Woodlands Neighborhoods Win Housing Victory

After years of battling the Town Board’s unrelenting conviction to give away the former Frank’s Nursery property to Mr Feiner’s GameOn 365 friends, the Worthington Woodlands Civic Association, the Council of Greenburgh Civic Associations and area residents stuck to their “zoning guns” and were triumphant! At the last Town Board meeting, Mr Feiner and his Board admitted defeat and approved a 101-unit assisted living housing facility to be built at that location. “We are pleased that they are coming to our community,” Dorrine Livson, President of the Worthington Woodlands Civic Association, explained to the Journal News. “The population is aging in Greenburgh, and this facility will fulfill a need that the aging population could use.” What she also said but was not printed is that the community is welcoming the facility in part because it follows the current residential zoning for the property and is not in need of zoning changes to be built.

The nursery was shut down in 2004 and abandoned by the then bankrupt Frank’s Nursery company. Seven years thereafter the Town received ownership of the 7-acre property through foreclosure. The site remained vacant and in disrepair as the Feiner administration ignored their legal and moral responsibility to sell the property and to address the mixed contamination on the site. Instead of doing the right thing, Mr Feiner entered a back room deal with GameOn 365’s management to give them the property for no where near it’s estimated value. Plus, he had Town’s “environmental expert” Town Attorney Tim Lewis advertise the remediation cost to be no more than $100,000 and that the Town would assume that cost. Once neighbors learned of this scheme, Mr Feiner began to back pedal and try other ways to gift the property to GameOn 365.

The Worthington Woodlands Civic Association, along with the Fulton Park Civic Association, Council of Greenburgh Civic Associations and the Edgemont Community Council and neighborhood residents began attending meetings and becoming vociferous about what and how Mr Feiner and the Town Board were conducting themselves. The simple fact was right in front of Mr Feiner but he chose to play games. No surprise there. According to Westchester County and New York State law, municipalities cannot be landlords and as such, any property received through foreclosure must be sold within a small time frame. The Town owned the property for years and did not sell it, nor did they try to make it “whole” and address the necessary remediation. Instead, Mr Feiner insisted the Town would sell the property and have any purchaser address the remediation, with that amount coming out of the
“profits” from the property’s sale. But, the reality is that there are no profits as the taxpayers had to absorb the back taxes owed for the property and have been forced to subsidize it yearly.

After playing games trying to outwit the neighborhoods in the area, the town hired a real estate broker to market the property to the assisted living, health care and nursing home market in June of 2014. The town received several proposals, but again the process, which Mr Feiner and his Board like to tout when they don’t know their next move, stagnated. Eventually, Capitol Senior Housing submitted the highest bid, for $3.5 million dollars. But the back taxes are up to about $1.5 million and the cleanup is guesstimated to be $1.5 million as well. So while the ultimate payoff for the Town will be about $500,000 that's left, we’re not so sure taxpayers will see that either when everything is all said and done.

Capitol Senior Housing has agreed to install a sidewalk for the entire length of the site's frontage, and install landscaping with reduced impervious surfaces. Having developer’s build sidewalks on the fronts of their property during construction is the bulk of the Town’s sidewalk initiative. It’s why you’ll see homes or businesses with sidewalks that lead to nowhere! Capitol Senior Housing has also met with residents on numerous occasions to take into account their concerns and suggestions - truly a good partnership which should provide good neighbors over the long term.

We’re glad to see several things happen with this site. First, the neighborhoods in the Dobbs Ferry Road area have cause to celebrate as they got what they had asked for all along. They were unwavering seeking housing for the location. Second, a contaminated location in the Town will finally be remediated after years of languish. Third, the dilapidated site will finally be removed and a more attractive facility will take its place. Fourth, while the Town will see some tax revenue, the Hartsdale Fire District will split the lion’s share of taxes with the Greenburgh Central school district. Little will go to the Town. Finally, we are also happy not to see the zoning changed to accommodate commercial development which would have placed an inappropriate 8-story commercial facility in the middle of a residential neighborhood. While we are always suspect of the next back room deal Mr Feiner is crafting to spring upon the residents, we’re glad the right facility is being built in the right place. It’s how we’ll get A Better Greenburgh.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Dancing With The Devil in Oakland or Greenburgh

Whether it’s an Oakland-size warehouse fire or a house fire in Scarsdale, the tragedy that has just taken place in both has many people stunned, questioning how something like this could happen. And more importantly, could an Oakland size fire happen here?

All accounts thus far have determined that the building was being used improperly given its zoning of record. Equally important was the fact that the building did not have sprinklers. Would sprinklers have saved the people that were killed? It’s difficult to predict with certainty, but statistics indicate that the odds would have been greatly increased toward survival. Regardless, the warehouse’s owner, Chor Ng, through his daughter, Eva Ng, says he didn’t know that people were living there. But the leaseholder, Derick Ion Almena, has said he resides in the 4,000 square foot space with his wife, three children, and other artists.

Almena appeared contrite on the Today Show on Dec. 6. “I’m only here to say one thing: that I’m incredibly sorry and that everything that I did was to make this a stronger and more beautiful community and to bring people together.” When asked about criminal negligence charges he might face for the building conditions, Almena got angry and refused to address known dangers in the warehouse. “I signed a lease and I got a building that was to city standards supposedly … I don’t want to talk about me. I don’t want to talk about profiting …This is not profit. This is a mass grave,” he said. What he stated was partially correct; the building was to city standards when he signed the lease. But, as the tenant, he either made or condoned illegal changes and later sublet spaces to others who may not have known what was being done was illegal or unsafe.

Could the same occurrence happen here? It’s difficult to say, but we believe so. Given the liberal acceptance of many in Greenburgh and their willingness to allow illegal residential usage and be a “sanctuary” town, the probability exists. Talk to any firefighter in Greenburgh or its villages, or any community in Westchester, and they can point out houses and small apartment buildings that are over-crowded and being used beyond the intent of the community’s zoning code. Ask them if they have ever responded to a call where modifications have been done and the answer will be a resounding, “Yes!” Most can also cite numerous building, zoning and safety codes that are being violated. But, in Greenburgh as well as New York, any questions of illegalities can and will be ignored simply because inspectors must receive permission to gain access to a residence to do an inspection. Mr Feiner has also instructed the Police and Building Departments to look the other way when they come upon illegal conversions. The resident’s right-of-refusal of entry to both leaves perilous situations unchanged!

We need Mr Feiner and his Board to stop pandering to everybody simply for their own agenda: votes. We need politicians to stop coming to Fire Department Inspection Dinners, presenting a proclamation or espousing how great the firefighters are and saying they appreciate and value the job they do for our communities. What we need them to do is show our communities how much they value what the fire service does by crafting laws that allow access for life safety reasons, code violation reasons and dangerous living conditions. We need Mr Feiner to not perpetuate a sanctuary Greenburgh on every level in the town. Only then will residents be safer. Only then will firefighters, already dancing with the devil given what they do, be safer. It’s time for everyone to stop talking about safety and do something about it so that we don’t have another Oakland size tragedy, especially and unnecessarily in Greenburgh!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Louise Snow Brodsky Passes

Louise Snow Brodsky passed away Tuesday night at the age of 97. Louise, the original owner of 9 Eastern Road, was very active in the Secor Woods Civic Association, the predecessor to the Secor Homes Civic Association, Inc. and helped create  the Secor Homes Civic Association, Inc. in the 1990s.  She has been a strong supporter of our past and recent efforts, including maintaining the residential 12.5 acre property on the south side of Secor Road (which abuts her property) as residential. Her son is Richard Brodsky, former NYS Assembly member, who announced his mother’s passing. A published obituary is not yet available to us but there will be a Shiva held this Sunday, noon to 8:00pm, at Louise’s home at 9 Eastern Road.  he will be missed.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Formation Shelborne Should Go

Weve previously written about the Formation Shelbourne scam that Mr Feiner and his Town Board have thrust and continued to perpetuate upon the residents of Edgemont and the Town. Prior to his leaving the Town as our Planning Commissioner to pave over greener pastures in Stamford, CT., Thomas Madden assured the management team from Formation Shelbourne that their assisted living project would sail through the process, guaranteeing the proverbial “done deal. Mr Feiner was also a willing participant and he too assured project approvals and a resistant-free project from the Town.

Others have also reported this egregious violation of public trust and spoken about it at Town Board meetings. The fallacy of doing this is the wanton lack of attention paid by the Board members as they have appeared to have been instructed by Mr Feiner to ignore the concerns of the residents. In fact, if it werent for Town Attorney Tim Lewis berating of residents who go past the emperor's allotted three-minute public speaking constraint, there might not be any Board involvement with the public. Complaining, questioning and offering suggestions as often as is done by residents results in the Town Board only feigning deafness.To help get these issues out in the forefront, another frustrated resident, Edgemont resident Jeff Sherwin, has created a new website to address some of these illegalities.See it by clicking on this link:

The silence from Town Hall about doing the right thing with this project has almost been deafening. It is blatantly obvious that Mr Feiner and his instructed Board will not alter their support of a project laden with many needed zoning variations, questionable neighborhood concerns and safety issues. The property in question, owned by the Al Krautter family, currently houses the Sprainbrook Nursery. They are continuing to operate the nursery while the conditioned sale stagnates during the Towns mishandling of this oversized proposal. Should they cease the nursery's operation, the current zoning that allows the business to operate under a "grandfathered" zoning clause, would revert back to residential, ending the Formation Shelbourne’s ability to utilize the property for their proposed assisted living facility. And, quite probably, wind up terminating the sale of the property.

Many examples of concern have been given as to why the proposal should not be approved and continued. But closed-door promises were made - as has been done for the last 24 years - and must be honored at all cost, no matter how ethically or legally improper those promises might be! You’ll recall the Town Board beaming and postulating as they passed the Brightview Assisted Living Center-written bill specifying assisted living proposal conditions for future projects. The trouble with it was it was written to Brightview’s specifications for their project! Obviously flawed, adopting it is just another misstep made by this administration.

Trying to circumvent the new zoning regulations for their own profitFormation Shelbourne is seeking variances to the requirements of being within 200 feet of a state right of way and being built on a minimum of 4 acres. There are other conditions to be met, but these are the two most glaring that should easily negate this proposal. The property is less than the newly adopted zoning law's required 4 acres and is more than 6,000 feet from the nearest state right-of-way. Mr Sherwin’s website video drive proves the distance is miles away, not feet. Mr Feiner has again violated the the trust of the taxpayers and residents. He should immediately resign if he wishes to show any kind of good faith toward the residents and prove he is not in the pocket of these and other developers. But rather than step down, we're sure he will "step it up" and do several more Town financed mailings and email blasts lauding this project. 

Regardless of what he does, there promises to be another lawsuit on the Town's horizon over this project. There are many projects in the Town that may have merit. There will be more in our future that will also be good. But illegal promises made by Mr Feiner behind closed doors and condoned by his Board should put an immediate end to this project. We hope that some day, this Board will find a moral compass and try to do the right thing. Until then, we keep seeking A Better Greenburgh.

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Welcome to the Neighborhood

Moving can be an exciting time. These guys, however, had a different kind of excitement. Following their cell phone GPS, they made a left onto Knollwood Avenue as they tried to get to their buddy's new home. Unbeknownst to them or their GPS, Knollwood Avenue is a pretty steep road. So much so that had they made the turn in the daylight, they might have seen the gouges in the road from other vehicles and tried an alternate route.

Giving it the gas, the driver of the U-Haul truck got as far as he could before forcing the trucks back step into the blacktop - stuck. As he continued to try "giving it the gas", the rear wheels spun furiously, smoking like a dragster at a race strip. Finally, with too few options present, they called for help. Brendon's Auto Body tow truck arrived, hooked up and pulled them back out onto Rt 119. While the police officer on scene controlled traffic, no tickets were issued and all's well that ends well.

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Annual Mitzvah Day

SCARSDALE, NY – Members of Scarsdale Synagogue Temples Tremont and Emanu-El will put on aprons alongside the recently opened 808 Social’s Executive Chef Salvatore Cucullo, Jr. and cook for those in need on Sunday, November 20, 2016, at the Reform Jewish congregation’s annual “Mitzvah Day.”  The food will be going to Grace Church.

Each year Scarsdale Synagogue sets aside a special community-wide “Mitzvah Day” for a variety of social action activities. A mitzvah is a deed of loving kindness.  The public is invited to attend. Burners will be lit and pots stirred from 9:00 to 11:00 AM.

Cooking is but one highlight of Mitzvah Day. Other activities will range from other hand’s-on community service projects, to learning opportunities with the Synagogue’s clergy and “fun”-raising activities such as Karaoke for a Cause.

“Mitzvah Day is a wonderful tradition here at Scarsdale Synagogue,” said Rabbi Jeffrey C. Brown, “setting aside one day a year for our congregation and the wider community to do good deeds together, supplementing what people already do on their own throughout the year. We expect a large turnout and welcome our friends and neighbors to join us, regardless of their faith and affiliations.”

A full list of Mitzvah Day activities and the Mitzvah Day schedule can be found at


The Synagogue will be collecting much needed and useful items to donate to worthy organizations in the greater Westchester and North Bronx communities, including:
      Children’s Clothing (ages 14 and below) for the Sharing Shelf – long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, khakis, sweatpants, long sleeve dresses (4T – youth size 10 only), fleece jackets, winter coats, hats & gloves, sturdy shoes (merrills, sneakers, snowboots, & uggs), NEW socks, NEW underwear

      Children’s Books - Gently used books (for ages 5 and below).

      Diapers and Wipes for Westchester Diaper Bank

      Holiday Drive to benefit My Sister’s Place (continuing through mid-December) -  toys for all ages, scarves, hats and gloves for all ages through adult and jewelry or other modest items for the adults (both men and women)

      Lightly Used College Dorm Supplies for Grad Bag – New or gently used:  XL twin sheet sets, blankets, comforters, duvets, desk lamps, small rugs, plastic hangers, extension cords, window fans, bed lifts, over door hooks, laundry bags/hampers, alarm clocks, storage lockers, book ends, bulletin boards, surge protectors, small suitcases

      Food for the United Interfaith Food Bank – rice, pasta, soup, mac & cheese, pasta sauce, canned beans and canned fruit, canned meat or stew
      Pet Supply Drive for the New Rochelle Animal Shelter – dog and cat food, leashes, cages, bedding, dog treats, cat treats, stuffed animals

      Crafts & Games benefitting CHAM

      Items for US Soldiers benefiting MSAWI –chapsticks, travel sized baby wipes, travel sized gold bond baby powder, gum, protein bars, old, non-working cell-phones

Events begin at 9:00 AM unless otherwise noted, and are as follows:

      Cooking for the Hungry with 808 Social Executive Chef Salvatore Cucullo, Jr.

      9:30 a.m. - Sunday Social Action Salon with Rabbi Brown – an informal reflection on the pressing plight of poverty today.  As the basis for discussion, we will be looking at several Jewish texts and clips from the award-winning documentary Living on One dollar.

      9:30 a.m. - Yoga and Reflection (minimum donation of $18 (or more) suggested)

      PJ Library Corner - Intergenerational book corner where adults can read social action themed books to children of all ages
      UnSelfies for #GivingTuesday - What will you do to help others during this holiday season? After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, comes Giving Tuesday on November 29.  Take an "Unselfie" describing what you commit to do or give on #GivingTuesday and post it on Facebook

      Soup in a Jar in partnership with the Bronx Jewish Community Council - We will gather and package dry soup ingredients for donation to Jewish senior citizens living in the Bronx

      Karaoke for a Cause - Support The Trevor Project (to support suicide prevention within the LGTBQ community). Make a donation if you want to sing or to get someone else to sing or to stop someone else from singing!

      A Living Page of Talmud - Join us as we explore -- in real time -- Biblical and Rabbinic texts with YOUR modern commentary and perspectives on pressing social issues to “repair the world” (Tikkun Olam)

      Prepare Holiday cards for families who have lost loved ones to gun violence and for Schaffer Extended Care Center, a comprehensive facility offering short-term rehabilitation and long-term care for medically frail seniors

      Trip of a Lifetime - Share your memories of a memorable trip for posting on the Trip of a Lifetime website, an organization that helps to fund life-changing travel opportunities for underprivileged youths
About Scarsdale Synagogue
Scarsdale Synagogue Temples Tremont and Emanu-El is a Reform Jewish congregation committed to creating a covenant community of shared lives and real relationships.  We are an inclusive, caring and visionary community.  As we journey together Jewishly, we strengthen ourselves and our sacred community.
For further information, please contact:
Roberta Aronovitch, Executive Director
Scarsdale Synagogue Temples Tremont and Emanu-El
2 Ogden Road, Scarsdale, NY  10583
Tel: (914) 725-5175

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Time Will Tell

So many good candidates started out in this Presidential race. Some had foreign affairs expertise, some had domestic experience but only candidate, Trump, had a business acumen that none of the others enjoyed. Sure, the media went into hyper-drive to find fault with all and any of his deals. They focused on four bankruptcies which may or may not have significance. Regardless, he was the political outsider and not part of the political establishment which the electorate has proven desirable with their votes. 

In the end, one candidate was left standing and finally won a long and contentious campaign. A President Trump was not many people's first (or 2nd or 3rd) choice for the nation's highest office. But many are relieved that making history as the first female president will continue to be reserved for someone of a higher ethical quality and moral competency. It's also sad that someone like Julian Assange was the one to expose much of the information that probably made the case against Clinton and ultimately contributed to her loss. That should have been the media's job but they chose a different direction. Could we ever see a political thriller written like All The President's Men nowadays given the abdication of our press and media to challenge politicians and governmental organizations? It's doubtful.

Many have said some nasty things on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere about both sides. A lot of negative things were said about both candidates by both candidates. Will President Trump follow through with his threat and go after Clinton with her email debacle? It's also doubtful. It was a great one-liner during the debate but reality is usually more tempered. Time will tell.

We are Americans and work best when we stand together. We're hoping our future is bright. Again, time will tell. God bless America!

Monday, November 7, 2016

It’s Simple - Just Vote

There’s been a lot of useless back and forth arguments, name-calling and such about who’s a better candidate for President during this campaign season. We find most people do not want either candidate, neither the historic first female president or the successful billionaire businessman.

Running for County Legislator in 2009 and State Assembly in 2010 was an eye-opening experience, teaching first-hand that the system IS rigged. There IS voter fraud with the archaic petition ballots with candidates on BOTH SIDES using dead voters’ names to qualify a candidate to run for office. No one verifies them. Why? It’s all part of the rigging. Want to change it? Good luck with that. It’s overseen by NYS law and the locals will say their hands are tied and there’s nothing they can do. Of course, there’s really nothing they want to do.

Then there is fraud at the polls. It’s supposedly why we have poll inspectors – to prevent fraudulent voters from voting on behalf of the dead (or at least someone else). Yet the inspectors are impotent to stop the fraud! When someone comes up and gives a name of a person who has (registered and) voted before, but is DEAD, the poll inspector does NOT look at any ID or driver’s license, OR ANYTHING to verify who that person is.

The rigging actually begins with both parties. Depending on whose turn it is to run will dictate who gets any support from the party. It’s up to the new guy to raise his own money. Lose and you’re kicked to the curb. Win, and you’re everybody’s best friend and the respective political party sucks up to you. So, while you may want things to change, the ensconced establishment wants no part of it. In fact, it seems like the power brokers are the ones chanting “Never Trump”.

Clinton has been in the political arena for 30 or so years. Trump for 18 months. Given Clinton’s overweight baggage, it’s inconceivable that she could be qualified for any position. And for those of you voting for her to make history and elect the first woman president, she has already created history of the wrong kind. Your vote should not be about making inconsequential history. It should be with a quality candidate that offers a true vision and an ability to unite. After thirty years, there’s not much of that with Clinton.

So many are disappointed that out of however many millions of New Yorkers and in fact all US citizens there are to choose from, that Clinton and Trump are what our choices have come down to. It’s so sad.

But there’s still more rigging at the top. You see, this time it was Clinton’s turn. In the last election they told her to step aside when Obama ran and dutifully, she did. She played by the party’s rules as she was forced to wait to get the power she craves. Notice how everyone abandoned her when the “new” email stuff was exposed? She went on the attack against FBI Director Comey. Once the FBI said they would not indict, they all came back to her side. She’s toxic! They are only on board if she keeps her nose clean. They’re nothing but fair weathered friends. In reality, they are political whores.

The media is rigged in her favor as well. How can you tell? Well, if you can’t tell, you’re simply not paying attention. Every news cast shows her smiling and waving and hugging people. And they spend about five to ten minutes more air time on her than on Trump. The coverage of Trump is always shorter and showing him saying one blip of a sound byte. They focus on the percentages where one minute he has 4% more than her and they discuss the 4-5% margin of error. When she’s ahead, there’s no mention of any margin of error!

Even better for her are the RINOs who tout “Never Trump”. They are rigging their own candidate to lose in the very election they claim is the most critical of our time. It will have a ripple effect on other candidates in lesser races. But they don’t comprehend how their myopia will have a bigger impact beyond Trump. You never see the Democrats do this. They always stick together. Is it any wonder the Republicans can’t win?

It’s not about the presidency per say, but the 95 appointments to all the courts, not just the Supreme Court, that she’ll get to make and will have lasting and long term impacts on us. It’s about open borders and immigration, destroying her husbands mistresses, enabling her husband to abuse women, Vince Foster, Benghazi, lying under oath, the email/server scandal and much more. We’re holding our noses knowing that the only way to stop Clinton is to vote for Trump – ugh!

“What difference does it make?” Plenty! The Voice Of The Electorate (VOTE) must be heard and the two-sided establishments must be changed. We’re all in for change. How about you?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Greenburgh Police Department's Review Class

The Town of Greenburgh Police Department is conducting a review class for all town residents that have registered for the November 19, 2016 Police Officer Entrance Exam. The review class will begin Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm and will continue each Wednesday evening through November 16th, 2016. Classes will be held at the Theodore D. Young Community Center- 32 Manhattan Avenue, White Plains, New York 10607, and is free to all town residents. If you have not reserved a seat in the class, please do so by e-mailing Sergeant Norman Hall at

Chris T. McNerney
Chief of Police
Town of Greenburgh Police Department

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fallen Firefighter Ceremony

Westchester County Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service
Sunday, October 23, 2016
1000 Hours
Westchester County Department of Emergency Services (DES)
4 Dana Road
Valhalla NY 10595

All departments are invited

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Senior Housing and the Comprehensive Plan

Here’s something we don’t hear about every day, or ever see happening in Greenburgh. The City of Rye has elected to change zoning for a commercial property into residential in the hopes of repurposing vacant or unused office space in their community. Specifically, construction is slated to start on a 122-unit senior home in a former office building at 120 Old Post Road after the city's Planning Commission completes a site plan review. According to Republican Rye City Councilman Richard Mecca, “…there’s a market for this kind of property.”

The kind of property he’s discussing is the construction of a 122-unit senior housing facility that would provide luxury residential housing for seniors. The office building in question has been unoccupied since 2009. Once completed, the over-55 residents would be able to choose from one and two bedroom apartments. The current building would be razed and a new 245,000 square feet building would be constructed, roughly 3 times the size of the current building. While we question the increased size as necessary, we’re sure the developers have claimed the usual reasons, focusing on their profitability only working with this size building. We’re also sure if challenged, they have another number they are willing to scale it down to.

In Greenburgh, however, we’ve seen the new Comprehensive Plan adopted. Critics, including ABG, point out that it is more of a political document/statement and an encapsulation of what the Town currently has as opposed to providing a blueprint and true plan for the future of our Town. After 8 long years of preparation, public forums and road shows, the document falls flat on its face, allowing Mr Feiner and his Board similar carte blanche with zoning changes throughout the Unincorporated Town. This failing will be evident tomorrow night when the Town Board adopts a change to zoning specific to the Manhattan Avenue area to eliminate the existing HUD housing and build bigger buildings with mix-use retail space at ground level. It’s easy to perceive the Town Board as doing spot-zoning but they will apply this as a Town-wide endeavor to skirt that issue.

The one bright light throughout Mr Feiner’s constant onslaught to allow commercial enterprises in residential areas has been neighborhood pushback. At the former Frank’s Nursery property on Dobbs Ferry Road, Mr Feiner tried to convince residents to accept an 8-story, 83-foot sports bubble in their residential neighborhood on that property. By banding together, they were able to push back with one mantra: keep the zoning residential and build residential housing of any type at that location!

The GameOn 365 owners, who had been encouraged in private meetings with Mr Feiner and his Board  not to worry about the zoning as they would name themselves the lead agency and push the zoning change through, moved their plans to the Visioli golf driving range property next door. What Mr Feiner and crew hadn’t counted on was the resolve and intelligence of the residents. Using the Town’s own laws, they held fast and got every neighbor adjacent to the property to object to the usage. Subsequently, after Mr Feiner played his games with the property and losing more money for the Town, movement on creating a new senior assisted living facility has begun.

To that end, there will be a Public Hearing/Discussion on the proposed CHS Assisted Living Facility at the Planning Board on Wed. Oct. 19th. The meeting starts at 8:00pm. Residents of the Town are urged to attend to see and hear what the plans are for this new facility. This is a story of David beating Goliath. Right now, however, we applaud the City of Rye for taking a positive step in creating housing from commercial property and wished we could see similar thinking in our Town. Only then will we see A Better Greenburgh.

Tyler Rush Memorial Scholarship Car and Truck Show Today

For more information, please visit:

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hydrant Flushing Coming to Your Neighborhood

The Greenburgh Water Department announced their annual maintenance program to operate and flush fire hydrants for the week beginning Monday, October 17, 2016 thru Friday, October 21, 2016 beginning in the Knollwood Area.This action is necessary to make sure the fire hydrants are in good working order in case of emergencies and to help flush sediment out of the distribution system.

The hydrant flushing and operating action will take place during the day from 9:30 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. Greenburgh Water District Customers in the neighborhoods listed and the immediate vicinity should expect temporary periods of discolored water and lowered pressure resulting from this maintenance operation. This discoloration consists primarily of harmless silt and air and does not affect the safety of the water. For further information, customers may contact the Greenburgh Water Department at 914-989-1900 or visit the Town

- MAYFAIR ACRES, including roads near Knollwood Road, Manor Drive, Buena Vista Drive and Chelsea Road.
- PARKWAY HOMES, including roads near Hillside Avenue, Old Tarrytown Road, North Road, South Road, Maryton Road, Lawrence Drive, Virginia Road.
- WYNDOVER PARK, including roads near Old Kensico Road, County Center Road, Winnetou Road, and The Woodlands.

Please be advised that flushing may cause water pressure variations and discoloration of water. This does not represent a health hazard. However, customers are cautioned to determine if the water is clear before washing clothes (or any other processing) as staining may occur. If you experience discoloration in your water after crews have been flushing in your neighborhood, clear the pipes in your home by running cold water faucets for a few minutes. The water is absolutely safe. However, to avoid any inconvenience, we suggest you monitor the water before doing any laundry and keep water in the refrigerator for drinking and cooking.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Passing of Barry Matthews

Barry W. Matthews
1953 - 2016

Barry W. Matthews 63, of White Plains, N.Y. and formerly of Greenburgh, N.Y. died on Oct.8,2016. He was born on Feb.24,1953 to the late William and Mary Matthews in White Plains, N.Y. 

He was a retired Deputy Chief with the Fairview Fire District, retiring in 2009 after 29 Years of Service. Barry was a proud member of the Westchester County Firefighters Emerald Society Pipes and Drums. 

He is survived by his devoted wife, Bernadette (Bonnie; nee Voelkel)Matthews of White Plains, N.Y. and by his loving children, Brian (Elizabeth) Matthews of Yorktown, N.Y. and Megan Matthews of Valhalla, N.Y. one brother, James (Debi)Matthews of Yorktown, N.Y. also survived by his three cherished grandchildren, Tara, Fiona and Brendan. Predeceased by his brother, William Matthews. 

Reposing, Hawthorne Funeral Home on Monday and Tuesday, 2-4 and 7-9 PM. Funeral Mass, Holy Name of Jesus Church, Valhalla, N.Y. on Wednesday, 10 AM. Interment, Mt Calvary Cemetery, Greenburgh, N.Y. In lieu of flowers donations to New York Police and Fire Widow's and Children's Benefit Fund P.O. Box 26837 N.Y., N.Y. 10087 would be appreciated.

21 West Stevens Ave.
Hawthorne, New York 10532

Reprinted from the Journal News

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Reclaim New York, Pitch Gigabit and Ignore Flooding

This past week featured a very interesting meeting held at the Greenburgh Public Library by a group called Reclaim New York. Simply, their goals are somewhat straightforward and easily understandable. They seek civil engagement of the public with their local, county and state governments. Among their goals include trying to make New York affordable again. They even have an online calculator ( which you can use to learn what NY is costing you and thwarting your efforts to save money for retirement, school, purchasing a home and so on. And, for some, it exposes their struggle to just get by. Another of their goals is to try to stop the incumbency curse (our words) of re-electing the same politicians over and over again who continue to insult us by telling us they are creating jobs and saving us money in one breath and then continue to raise our taxes in the next. They also seek to expose and stop corruption and return government as a tool back to the people. Check them out by visiting their website:

There is nothing a politician loves more than a new project being pitched in their district and being seduced with more tax money becoming available for them to spend. What those same politicians refuse to do, ever, is actually lower your tax burden when these new funds are acquired. Coming off the heels of the Reclaim New York meeting, we read an article in the October 6, 2016 issue of the Journal News with a different vigor. Journal News reporter Richard Liebson quotes White Plains Planning Commissioner Chris Gomez, “For the past year, White Plains has been looking at ways to improve transit and make the neighborhood around the TransCenter a "go to" residential, retail and entertainment destination in the city, with a better link to the downtown business district. Using a $1 million state grant and the consulting services of WSP Parsons Brinkerhoff, city planners have been working with Metro North and other interested parties, and held a series of public meetings to gain insight into what residents and local businesses would like to see in the area.” We went to their website to see what topics of discussion were being highlighted.

There were talks of skyways, tearing down the Galleria and making a Central Park-like park, increasing retail space (huh?), more parks, a theater for live entertainment like Madison Square Garden, more dining (because Mamaroneck Avenue lacks enough restaurants?), better traffic congestion alleviation, and so on. One topic we continually write about and rarely see any resolve or even movement on, is mitigating flooding along the Bronx River corridor. Here is a map of the proposed area to be remodeled.

Notice the bottleneck of the Bronx River at the bridge at Hamilton Avenue and again at Main Street. It is obvious even to non-engineers, residents, government officials and yes, elected officials that this is a significant part of the flooding problem. Another obvious-upon-inspection issue is the quantity of debris, litter and refuse that has built up in these areas which the City of White Plains has ignored. This exacerbates flooding each time there is any rainfall. There are other locations as well along the Bronx River corridor that suffer from the same neglect. It used to be that when we had significant storms there would be understandably generated flooding. Now, however, even sun showers are clogging the rivers.

Town of Greenburgh Public Works Commissioner Victor Carosi was named as the co-Chair for a multi-community task force on flooding. The other usual players were named as well, such as County Legislator Alfreda Williams. But regardless of who is on this task force to mitigate flooding, they never meet, never come out with information and have continued to ignore the flooding issues everywhere in our Town and villages – especially along the Bronx River corridor! It’s as if the politicians welcome flooding so they can have the media feature their soundbyte about how somebody else has failed these victims and they will look into it. The only thing they seem to look into is finding a different flood location for another soundbyte.

The Journal News article said “they” were, “Using a $1 million state grant and the consulting services of WSP Parsons Brinkerhoff, city planners have been working with Metro North and other interested parties…” So,now we know who the developer of this massive project is predestined to be. Every time a resident complains about flooding and what’s not being done to mitigate it, they are told there is no money. Here was $1 million that could have been used toward dredging the river, cleaning out debris and helping the Bronx River corridor residents keep their homes and loved ones safe. Another lame excuse is that there are multi-jurisdictional legal issues to address. Just cleaning the river, which falls under the aegis of the Westchester County government, always seems to be the victim of finger-pointing. Apparently, it’s not enough to get a full-time salary and lifetime medical benefits and actually help taxpayers. Rather, they prefer to spend more time printing a Proclamation to present at a dinner and glad-hand those in attendance in hopes of more votes.

Now we see the latest “pitch” by the cities to install gigabit internet service to “allow them to tap into an exclusive global network of high speed information sharing that is fueling previously unthinkable economic growth.” There it is again. Political speak for how they are unnecessarily spending our money and using buzz words to do it. In fact, New Rochelle lifetime Mayor Noam Bramson said, “What we are learning is that the digital infrastructure can be every bit as important (as roads and bridges).” That’s doubtful. But maybe Mayor Bramson could try maintaining the roads and bridges first, before we give him more money to waste?

Later in the article, other city’s leaders gave their reasons why this needed to be done. A lot of reasons were given to validate this “historic” move, as they always are. Internet companies will bid for this work, such as Verizon, AT&T and Comcast. Wait a minute. Aren’t they really the only games in town anyway? Then they mention that the cities will need to float a bond to pay for this. What’s not said is that you and I will pay for this for the next twenty years even knowing that technology becomes outdated almost as soon as it’s installed. It’s kind of like your brand new car depreciating as soon as you take ownership and drive it off the dealer’s lot.

We also have outside players adding insult to injury. The Westchester County Association, a group maneuvering to be political power brokers started by now deceased former County Executive Alfred DelBello and current president William Mooney in 2009 (or so). Its representatives are extolling the benefits of gigabit services for businesses, in schools, smart-energy power grids, public safety and well, you get the idea. Although they didn’t mention it, we expect it will also cure cancer. While purporting to have no skin the game, why are they even involved?

We’re being are spoon-fed a lot of the same political misinformation that is rolled out for every project to justify these publicity producing moves. Come election time, this will be one of their accomplishments that we paid and will continue to pay for, not them. And are you utilizing it? Of course not. They tell us that this will reduce the digital divide – whatever that really is. What will be divided is your money from you over the course of years. We’re sure Mr Feiner would have jumped onto this bandwagon had he been invited. Since it was only for city leaders, he’ll have to wait until next time - but it is sure to come our way. We’re sure it’s coming. Reclaim New York discusses these types of smokescreens as well as how to combat them. They are worth checking out and even getting involved in. The more people who see what these disingenuous politicians are doing, the better! Only then will we get A Better Greenburgh.