Monday, April 4, 2016

Townwide Anger Spreading

Many people are just now realizing that the assessed value of their homes and properties have recently been revalued and is affecting their tax bill, which is now due! Some may chose to pay their taxes separately, some include it in the mortgage and some have paid off their homes and only have their taxes to pay. Regardless of where you may stand, many people have reached out to us about this newest Feiner dilemma. 

Here's a sales pitch: JOIN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD’S CIVIC ASSOCIATION! Why? Because they have been fighting on everyone’s behalf and sharing the information about this while the Town has not. They also work on your behalf with many other issues you may be unaware of in the Town. Remember, in numbers comes strength. 

If you wish to challenge your revaluation with Tyler, you must call Tyler Technology at 1 800 273-8605 no later than April 8th to get an appointment through the first week in May. Ask Tyler for the Property Report Record Card for your property. This is Tyler’s working card/document that they used for grading of your home. You want to have this to study before you go in to challenge their findings!

One person contacted and responded is

After that meeting, If you still disagree with your new assessment value, you will then have an opportunity to file a formal grievance with the Board of Assessment Review from June 1 until June 21. 

Here's what everyone can do now to find out about the reassessment/revaluation of their homes. The reassessment information and the comparables Tyler referenced toward your reassessment can be accessed on line. 

Go to: 
- In the blue bar on the top of the page, you'll see Property Search on the left. 
- Click on the Property Search link. 
- In the search field, put your street address number and then the street name, without using the words street, road, avenue, place, etc. For instance, if our address was 123 Main Street, you need to use 123 in the number field and Main in the street field. If you use "Street" as part of the address, you won't get any results. However, if you simply put 123 Main in the number & street fields, The correct result will appear. By the way, you can also search by your name.

Now all of your information is accessible to you for that address. Look on the left side of the window, you'll see Profiles, Values, etc. At the bottom of that list, is Comparables. Check out all the fields, but some fields won't have results. However, now you'll be able to see which homes they are comparing your house to and the value. Now you can see what addresses they used as a comparable against your house and get those values. You can go to the comparables’ address, take pictures of the homes that yours was compared to and bring those to your meeting with Tyler’s representatives. 

The key to challenging is to have specific reasons based on the information they have. Many civic associations, the Council of Greenburgh Civic Associations and others have spent an enormous amount of time on this. Mr Feiner, the Town Board and Town Assessor are pushing all the responsibility to challenge your revaluation on you and Tyler, wiping their hands clean of this. 

Edgemont and several River Towns (Villages) are really getting hammered with increased taxes. So, now Mr Feiner is trying to have a five-year easement of increases to those areas – which means the rest of the Town will be subsidizing them. If the goal of revaluation/reassessment is to level the tax playing field, what he is trying to do is a disservice to all residents. One positive is that the revaluation should stop the amount of commercial certiorari challenges to the Town. Currently, the Town Board approves paying back about a million dollars a month in certiorari challenges. It has to end. Only then will we see A Better Greenburgh.

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