Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Slay The Pothole Vortex - Addendum

Based on the previous article posted by ABG this morning, a staffer just drove by the site of the lane-wide pothole on Old Tarrytown Road. She emailed us to say she saw steam coming from the freshly poured blacktop patch of the hole! That’s a relief. We also received word of crews that are out in White Plains on Main Street and other communities doing patching. Not being well-versed in the art of blacktop work, apparently rain is not a handicap to effectively patch a pothole.

We applaud our Town crew for responding to our post to rectify a dangerous situation on Old Tarrytown Road and hope we see more being done throughout the Town. While there is still much to do to get A Better Greenburgh, at least we won’t lose any fillings driving there.

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