Monday, December 16, 2013

Trend Continues By Town of Changing Documents To Hide Lies

The Town Board is holding a meeting tonight at 8PM at Town Hall to vote on a resolution to pay the fine levied against the Town for the guilty verdict with the Fortress Bible Church case. That case, which stretched on for years, was a constant point of contention during this last Democratic Primary race between Mr Feiner and his challenger, Robert Bernstein. During the campaign between these two Supervisor candidates, Mr Bernstein correctly pointed out that the Town should seek to settle the case to avoid a heftier outlay of money. He also pointed out that by delaying, the courts would not look favorably on the Town and it could cost us more. Finally, he also said our insurance policy would not provide enough coverage to pay the entire judgement. Mr Feiner typically responded the insurance policy would cover the entire amount of the fine.

In a just-switched document online, the Town is going to enter a resolution (AT1) authorizing payment of the fine for Mr Feiner, Ms Juettner and an earlier Town Board’s guilty verdict. The insurance company will pay $1,000,000; the Town will pay $2,250,000 on or before January 10, 2014; and $3,250,000 on or before August 31, 2014. We should note that while the insurance company is scheduled to pay one-sixth of the judgement, Mr Feiner continues to say otherwise. More importantly and beyond Mr Feiner’s lies about who will pay what, is that the Unincorporated Town residents, without assistances from the Villages, will be forced to pay for five-sixths of Mr Feiner’s discrimination  judgement.

Next on the docket is AT2. This resolution is to retain counsel to go after more money than the $1,000,000 the insurance company has offered to pay. The price tag for this little venture is “only” $15,000. The issue with this resolution is that there were three other resolutions previous to it stating fees be paid to this law firm with the stipulation it not exceed the stated amount. On AT-7 from 10/27/2010, the amount for this retention was not to exceed $25,000 or further authorization. On AT-1 from 06/22/2011, the amount for this retention was not to exceed $25,000 or further authorization. On AT-2 from 09/12/2012, the amount for this retention was not to exceed an additional $25,000 or further authorization and $75,000 in total (or further authorization).

Obviously, the counsel retained by the Town has not faired well for Greenburgh. And, after $75,000 and a guilty verdict, do we really want to continue to retain this law firm? And, whether we do or not retain them, is another “not to exceed $15,000” worth it? We think not. All of this is not boding well for the Town. The document swap on the Town’s website two hours before the meeting just bares out the constant trickery the Feiner administration utilizes to hide their illegal behavior, racism and discrimination they are so fond of practicing. It’s time for a change. Only then will we get A Better Greenburgh.

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